On the Gridiron
and in the Game of Life

A PositivePowerSecrets.net Feature Article by Rich and Laura Lynch

This is a story about two instances where the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking worked their miracles.

Napoleon Hill once said, "What the mind can Conceive and Believe, it can Achieve!"

I had wanted to see at least one of my nephew Jack's senior year varsity football games. I had waited most of the season to attend a match and when game day rolled around I wasn't feeling too well to make the hour long drive to see him and missed the chance to watch him play as the regular season had wrapped up. I told my sister, "I'm hoping for a home playoff game".

What I didn't know is that the Delaware Valley Warriors had never before played a home playoff game. But, in 2012 the 9-1 juggernaut hailing from the northeastern corner of the Keystone State of Pennsylvania made history and a date was set for the school's first ever home playoff game.

As these scoreboards attest - Delaware Valley dug themselves a big hole in the first half.

When we walked into Warrior Stadium in Milford on Saturday night, November 10, 2012 - we knew right away that some of that "Napoleon Hill Magic" was in the air when the first thing we saw was a hand drawn sign with the words "Believe and Achieve" written on it paraphrasing the success author's most famous slogan.

However, once the game got underway it seemed the magic and enthusiasm of the home crowd dissipated as fast as you could conceive it would.

On this cold night the hot start by the Whitehall Zephyrs left everyone on the home team's side of the stands in a frosty chill.

The Warriors won the toss but deferred to the second half thus kicking the ball off to their in-state rivals. An amazing and deflating 60-yard return followed resulting in a 7-0 lead for the Zephyrs seven seconds into the game.

The Delaware Valley Warriors on the warpath - and on the path to victory!

"All right, no problem," I told my wife. "We can bounce back from this. Adversity makes you stronger. No problem".

The Zephyrs kicked off and stacked the wounded Warriors deep in their end of the field. A fumble on their first play from scrimmage resulted in a Zephyr recovery and a quick, easy score. Zephyrs 14, Warriors 0. The pall deepened and a sense of panic set in. This was not the script the Warrior supporters had written in their minds.

But, there was still nearly a full game of football yet to be played and what transpired over the next two hours was the most riveting and thrilling match I've ever seen on any level of the gridiron.

When the first half was complete the Warriors were down a seemingly impossible to overcome 24-9 due to a missed extra point on their only touchdown of the game so far.

When the second half got underway, Delaware Valley took possession of the ball first thanks to their deferral at the start of the game. Within two minutes they had narrowed the Zephyr lead to 24-15 and proceeded to get the game back on regular scoring with a decisive two point play.

Getting closer to their ultimate goal - one play at a time!

Five minutes later DV had tied the score at 24. The stands erupted in joyous emotion and the comeback was complete.

But, no one said this would be easy. The Zephyrs returned to their dominant first half form and retook the lead 31-24. The Warriors found their fight and their feet and retied the game at 31.

This game was as brutal to watch for the fans in the bleachers as it was to play for the players on the field. The back-and-forth boxing match style pummeling and tit for tat torment was becoming a bit too much to take. Yet, it continued.

The Zephyrs went up 38 to 31 before the Warriors countered one last time to tie the score at 38. Whitehall still had life and received the ball back with just 28 seconds remaining in regulation.

On the strength of a dazzling hook and lateral play the Zephyrs wound up with a field goal try from the 8-yard line with six-tenths of a second left on the game clock. Surely, the amazing comeback exhibited by the Warriors had run its course as a kick from this part of the field is just about automatic.

The kick was up and - from the stands - it looked good. Heartbreak set in but the call on the field was wide left - the Zephyr kicker had shanked it and the game was sent into overtime.

Victorious Delaware Valley Warriors star seniors - Dan Favaro, Jack Fagan, Nick McIntyre and Bryan Schor.

The modified overtime rules used in this league allowed both teams a chance to score from the 10-yard line before sudden death sets in. The Zephyrs won the toss and quickly took the lead 45-38.

Not to be outdone the Warriors scored on their first possession to bring the match to 45-44.

"This could go on forever," I said to my wife not knowing that senior quarterback Bryan Schor was making a bold plea to his coach. Having confidence in himself and his teammate's ability - the future signal caller for Miami of Ohio convinced his coach to put it all on the line and go for two.

One fateful snap later #6 rolled out right and found Martin Strenk open in the endzone sealing the win in the most amazing game and comeback most attendees in the stands had ever witnessed and assuring the Warriors that their playoff run and successful season would continue.

The moral of this story is that it pays to believe in yourself no matter how dire your circumstances may seem. The Delaware Valley Warriors continually overcame and persevered to emerge victorious in their first ever home playoff game. This group of gutsy gridiron gladiators never had the lead in the regulation or overtime but they secured the most amazing victory in their team's history on the last play of the game.

Never give up. Never quit. Don't stop believing. Amazing things can happen in life - even on your very last play. You too can be a victorious Warrior if you'll only believe and achieve!

The Warriors never had the lead but secured the victory on the last play of the game!

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