The Day The Universe
Delivered Salvation

A PositivePowerSecrets.net Feature Article by Rich and Laura Lynch

The following story is absolutely true. While the subject matter may seem heavy we're not talking about the glorious eternal redemption type of salvation here. We're talking about a truck - a Salvation Army Truck!

Ever since we began utilizing the positive thinking techniques and directed mind power as described in books like The Secret - we've had many magical and mystical days manifest right before our eyes. This tale is about one of those days -- March 09, 2012.

We had an old piece of furniture with a family legacy that was still in good condition but we had grown a bit tired of it. We asked around to our collective circle of family and friends to see if they would like the old brown hutch and everyone declined for one reason or another.

Since we hadn't had the chance to arrange a furniture pick-up for this piece, we decided we would try leaving it on the street for a savvy salvager to find. Together, my wife and I managed to move the bulky and heavy unit to the curb where we thought, "mission accomplished".

But, when I returned to my porch to look at the now forlorn piece of furniture I called in to my wife, "what we really need right now is for a Salvation Army truck to pick this up".

It was no sooner then the last syllable left my mouth when a large delivery truck emblazoned with that organization's universally recognized logo zipped past our house and the hutch on the street. The timing was unbelievable and instant.

I ran down to the street to where the truck had parked to pick up donations at a neighbor's property. I explained to the men there that we had just left an offering on the side of the road and they agreed to take it - which they did 30 minutes later.

When I told a friend later in the day what had happened she said that was like a "one in a million" type occurrence. I think the odds were even higher - I had never even seen a Salvation Army Truck on our street in the 14 years we've been here - much less one that appeared seemingly at my beckoning.

Sometimes the Universe answers your calls immediately and more often it takes longer for all things to work out for the good.

On the very same day this event transpired we were scheduled to see one of our favorite spiritual guitarists in concert. Phil Keaggy is an immensely talented player with a unique resume in the world of rock and roll and the music industry. When he began his career and first emerged on the scene he was the heralded whiz kid singer, songwriter and guitarist for the psychedelic power trio from Youngstown, Ohio - Glass Harp.

Glass Harp was a legendary band but they broke up in the early 1970's. Over the years they have reformed but usually only for a handful of concerts in the Ohio region. Ever since learning of Phil Keaggy and Glass Harp while on a bus tour of Israel in 1991 it had become a dream of mine to see the band in concert. But, a mostly unlikely one unless I'd make the 10-hour trip to see one of their rare reunions.

On our way out to the show we said we hoped Phil would play his concert staple "Salvation Army Band" in honor of the truck that miraculously appeared earlier in the day. We took our seats at the venue for the performance billed as "The Phil Keaggy Band" live onstage at the B.B. King Blues Club in New York City.

Phil emerged with an acoustic guitar to play a special opening set and sure enough closed this portion of the night with his amazing and inspiring "Salvation Army Band". At that time he invited his band out onto the stage. He introduced his old lifelong friends - Daniel Pecchio on bass and John Sferra on drums - the Glass Harp onstage in New York for the first time in over forty years.

The moral of this tale. Hold on to your dreams and believe mightily in your expectations. The Universe always works out all things for the good and wants to fulfill your desires. Sometimes - your answer will come in an instant as in the example of the truck appearing as soon as I asked for it. Other dreams may take longer - as in the case of my desire to see Glass Harp in concert - that one took twenty-one years. But, in both instances the Universe came through. Think, conceive, believe, achieve and you'll be amazed at what you can conjure up in your own life!

Phil Keaggy on guitar, Daniel Pecchio on bass and John Sferra on drums - Glass Harp!

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