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Napoleon Hill was an American author born in the late nineteenth century in Pound, Virginia. He is widely considered to be one of the greatest writers on personal success and achievement. His most famous work, Think and Grow Rich (1937), is one of the best-selling books of all time. Even after all these years Hill's influence is still felt richly in the land of his birth -- as the following story will attest.

Fernando Cardenas used the power of his mind to achieve his goal in May of 2012.

We found ourselves in the beautiful rolling countryside of Lexington, Virginia in May of 2012 in order to attend the graduation of our nephew from the Washington and Lee Law School in town. This event alone was a testimony to personal achievement and what one can accomplish when goals are set and action is applied. Together, along with several members of our extended family, we proudly celebrated with Kevin this momentous occasion.

We finished off the day's partying with a nice dinner in town and the question arose - what do we do now? Well, Lexington isn't the rockin' city that Charlottesville or Richmond may be - but they are home to one of the largest equestrian centers in the region.

As luck would have it, the Lexington Spring Encore "AA" Hunter and Jumper horse show was taking place a few minutes from the campus. Many of our family members are serious sports fanatics and none of us had ever attended an event like this before so we packed in three cars and headed out to the $25,000 Grand Prix Show Jumping on Saturday evening, May 5, 2012.

The Virginia Horse Center stands at the forefront of Virginia's $1.2B equine economy. Founded to promote all disciplines of equestrian sport, its 600 acres of picturesque grounds hold a 4,000 seat coliseum, eight barns to accommodate 1,200 horses, 19 show rings including two large indoor arenas, cross-country and combined carriage driving courses, campgrounds, and full catering and cafe services. The VHCF also hosts many non-equine events like dog shows, BMX, agriculture programs, and the Rockbridge Regional Fair & Farm Show.

The dozen of us took our seats in the Anderson Coliseum and for the next three hours we enjoyed the exciting competition that tested the skill and endurance of man and animal alike. The first part of the evening consisted of several dozen riders taking their shot at the difficult multi-jump course -- doing their best to acquire a good time while not knocking down any of the posts during the steeplechase.

Once the three-hour preliminary proceedings were complete it was time for the evening's main event - the jump off. The 10 riders with the best times would now have the opportunity to secure the championship for the evening with a clean ride and the fastest time on a streamlined course designed for speed and accuracy.

Fernando's autograph quotes Napoleon Hill.

Before we knew it we were down to the last rider. The charismatic and skilled Fernando Cardenas - a lifelong horse owner and veterinarian from North Carolina - seized the moment. In a feat that was as dramatic as any sporting event I've ever been a part of Cardenas claimed the trophy and large cash prize by turning in a flawless and fastest time - beating his closest competitor by a mere fraction of just a few hundredths of a second.

Cardenas waved his hat in the air excitedly and triumphantly and we had all just witnessed an amazing sporting achievement. Soon after, the P.A. announcer addressed the crowd and advised us of the meet and greet with the top-three riders after the show. They were autographing posters from that evening's event.

Astonished at we had just witnessed we put this next on our agenda. We made our way downstairs -- stood in line -- and complimented Fernando on his impressive victory.

He thanked us and signed our poster. It was then that we noticed a familiar phrase emerge on the paper. Cardenas autographed our memento with the words "What the mind can believe, it can achieve". We immediately recognized this as a paraphrase of Napoleon Hill's greatest quote - so we asked the champion jumper about it.

"I've been using this all week long," he replied. Clearly he had envisioned standing in the winner's circle to take the top spot in the George L. Ohrstrom, Jr. Grand Prix - and sure enough - he did!

The moral of the story - when life puts hurdles in your path - take the challenge. With a proper use of the power of your mind and a confident belief in yourself you can leap to any success and achievement you can imagine!

The sprawling Virginia Horse Center is a must-see tourist stop when in Lexington!

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